ALFA Aviation Services Inc had recently purchased the complete 737NG inventory from EAMS (Essential Aircraft Maintenance Services) linked to Sterling Airlines.

"ALFA Aviaiton Services Inc has purchased the following ENGINE CF6-80C2 B1F

The subject engine is being offered for sale with an FAA 8130-3 and EASA Form 1 tag on an as is basis, in full QEC minus fire detection harness.

The engine was delivered new to South African Airways on 3/26/99 and was operated solely by them for a total of 34,486 hours after which it was removed serviceable with full documentation and borescoped on 6/21/11.

The engine had a prior removal for performance restoration at 2727 CSN and has operated 2444 CSLSV and 14428 HSLSV.

Contact Glen Schenck or Tony Marsillo for more details "

Updates coming soon!

aircraft engineQuality

ALFA Aviation Services Inc Quality management System is focused on all areas of product safety and reliability. Our primary goal is to ensure that only approved, conforming parts make their way into the industries supply chain.

Our quality system is based on ISO 9001:2000, approved Canadian distribution sales certificate regulated by Department of Transport. These quality requirements are crucial to the Aerospace industry, which maintains a high level of liability.

Our manual is being upgraded to comply to the AS9102 and will be available in April 2010 - Dec 2011.